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Unlimited storage
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What Indeed is Reseller Hosting?

ResellersPanel offers two different reseller hosting programs - the Free Reseller Program and the more advanced cPanel Web Hosting Reseller Program, so you can elect which is the right reseller hosting solution for you.

Elementary skills versus practical competence

The Free Reseller Hosting Program is great if you possess just elementary PC literacy. It is based on an in-house developed web hosting reseller platform. You won't be able to encounter it anywhere else on the web. The cPanel Hosting Reseller Program, on the other hand, is for advanced web hosting resellers.

No reseller hosting fees versus monthly fees

With ResellersPanel, you do not pay any subscription fees as a free web hosting reseller. You won't be charged a dime in order to sell ResellersPanel's web hosting packages. You won't be charged a single cent in case you do not complete any sales either. As a cPanel reseller, you will be required to pay a monthly tax. However, you only pay for the web hosting plans that you will be reselling.

A one-stop reseller hosting solution vs. various administrative interfaces

The free reseller does not need to have programming and website administration knowledge. With ResellersPanel's intuitive point-and-click Reseller Control Panel interface, you can swiftly set up your online shop. With the charge-free turn-key web shop templates, you can effortlessly customize your online store. You can set up the plans that you would like to sell to your customers and set prices on them with a few clicks of the mouse. You can resell hosting, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated hosting servers.

The cPanel Reseller Program offers cPanel-based hosting plans with different characteristics and system resource allowances. The hosting plans and the end clients' web sites are managed through different tools.

White-label reseller hosting program tools vs custom branding possibilities

The free web hosting resellers are given an array of white-label tools, which will improve their anonymity. You can choose your very own brand name, which will be shown on your online reseller store, inside your clients' web hosting Control Panel tools and on all documents associated with your online reseller web hosting store. You can also register unique domains for your online web hosting reseller store at a startlingly affordable price, if you are more serious about reselling and would like to raise your profits. Choosing one of the Private DNS Cluster packages can boost your brand recognition among your customer base.

The cPanel web hosting resellers will need to handle these settings themselves, but that permits them to more precisely target their prospective marketplaces and customers.

Guaranteed client support v. self-support options

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program, ResellersPanel takes care of the customer support provision. The advanced cPanel hosting resellers will have to take care of the client support provision themselves. The free hosting resellers will have full control over their web stores and greater freedom in configuring and popularizing their hosting plans.

The cPanel web hosting resellers can enlarge their reseller hosting business scope by upgrading to a more powerful cPanel reseller hosting package, giving them a bigger amount of system resources.

Sell pre-made hosting packages or apportion the resources as you think fit

The free hosting reseller resells the company's wholesale-priced hosting packages or their very own custom-made hosting plans, while the company takes care of all invoice processing and transaction authentication tasks and provides 24-7 technical support to the hosting resellers and to their customers. The hosting resellers collect the difference between their retail price and ResellersPanel's wholesale price.

The cPanel web hosting reseller purchases the company's pre-made packages first and then exerts complete command over the way in which the resources are allocated and over the prices of the web hosting packages. So, the cPanel web hosting reseller enjoys a greater cash-earning potential.

A free web hosting reseller or a cPanel hosting reseller?

So, if you have elementary computer skills, the Free Reseller Hosting Program offers you all the tools you require to launch your reseller web hosting business without any financial risk. The Free Hosting Reseller Program also provides options for advanced resellers. If you prefer the traditional modes of reselling hosting services and possess the necessary technical and marketing know-how - then the cPanel Reseller Program is more appropriate for you.